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Mr. Surapong Paoklang


About the company

- In 1977, Mr. Surapong started a contracted automobile assembling business for all kinds of car and bus. His customers include Thai Pradit Garage, Thai Bus Garage, Vipawadee Automobile Body, K.S Bangplad Garage, Hong Fah Bang Klair Garage, and Thonburi Benz are just a few sample.

-In 1993, Mr. Surapong registered his business on January 14, 2007 using the name SPE Enterprise. Back then

- In 1996, SPE Enterprise was officially established on September 4 1996 with registration number 0135539004077. The purpose of the company is to manufacture car body, spare parts, and accessories as well as maintenance service, repair, install, check and fix all automotive parts. The company is located on 45/315 M.6 Rd., Lumlukka T.Kukote A. Lumlukka, Phathumtani on 2,592 square metre areas.

- In 2005, the company has increased its capital from 1,000,000 to 20,000,000 baht on January 3, 2005.

- From 2006 - Present, the company has relocated to 13/5 Moo 2 Thangluangchonnabot PT. 3004 Rd., buengkhamploy,Lumlukka, Phathumtani 12150. on November 15 2006.


Establish a good reputation as manufacturer of quality automotive parts in Thailand by keeping promises and delivering



1. Concentrate on the development of manufacturing quality automotive parts aiming to meet International Standard.

2. Aiming toward public Relation to increase good reputation.

3. Be Innovative and never stop being creative.

4. Bring in new technology and apply them to work in order to be more modernized.

5. Raise the level of work and service to include many different varieties while maintaining standard and quality.