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   We have seen the importance of internal events and external events and there have been involved. Although more Activities are activities such as CCCF, 5 S, KAIZEN, events, fire drills, the tripartite 3D 3-D. Have knowledge regarding safety, cleanliness, discipline and orderliness. Activities with the cooperation of employees and officers who have served well. It was a great success .






5 S. There are 5 primary phases of 5S: sorting, straightening, systematic cleaning, standardizing, and sustaining.





Kaizen for "improvement", or "change for the better" refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing.






CCCF Completely Check Completely Find out. Focus on its employees observe and search the dangers from work.






K.Y.T. The analysis predicts that there will be any hidden dangers in the work that we're going to do. Then find a way to prevent it.





Fire training training for employees in the event of fire follow the steps. To achieve safety and personnel are working on. And to control the situation immediately.





The tripartite the project that students learn work and learn vocational degree.
students's experience of working with us.






Clean & Green Technology Integration of network. "Voluntary industry ,Sustainable development ,Created the community ,Environmental stewardship," Organizations to develop prototypes for the Extend results from the the factory to factory and the automotive parts to the community .







One company One communitPathumthani Chamber in cooperation with SPE Enterprise. The project. Children have learned. Under the project "one company, one community"